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Short Proof Power Converter

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Many of today's vehicles do not possess the electrical means for powering the extra voltage requirements of a trailer. Power Taillight Converters units completely isolate the tow vehicle from trailer malfunctions. Power is taken directly from the battery for isolation and brighter trailer tail lights. The Short-Proof Power Taillight Converter is also a self-resetting power converter that will reset after the short has been fixed in the trailer wiring, providing extra protection for the vehicle wiring.

  • For vehicles equipped with independent bulb turn signals or common bulb systems
  • Protects tow vehicle electronics and itself from wiring shorts, Self- Resetting
  • Includes 12 ga. power lead wire, fuse & fuse assembly, splices, and cable ties
  • Powers up to 8.0 amps per output
  • Receives power directly from the battery
  • Includes vehicle side 4 flat
  • Includes dust cover and grease packet to prevent corrosion
  • 90 Day Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase
Short Proof Power Converter

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Product Reviews

Protect the truck when the trailer faults

By William John Skelton IV, November 24, 2014

5.0 stars

Of the "universal" convertors avail, 46155, 46255 and 46355 I have selected the 46255 as best for my contractor clients. Should towed vehicle lighting short out, the mail power fuse blows and the truck's own lighting is unaffected. I ruled out the 46355 as it is self resetting and invites operator over looking. Fuse blows=problem. Have installed many 46255 since 2004 and no failures to date.

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