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Endurance™ 4 Flat Trailer Side Y-Harness (20')

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The 48240 Endurance™ 20 foot long 4 Flat Y-Harness features a wishbone design that runs down both the driver's and passenger's side of the trailer, making it easy to hook up both taillights and eliminating excess splicing that could lead to failure points in your wiring. Endurance™ design cues that include a heavy duty housing with built-in mounting holes, protective sleeving covering the exposed wire length and built-in dust cover are provided for long lasting performance.

  • Wiring kit for maintaining or re-wiring your trailer
  • Wishbone design- allows 2 brown wires to be run to each taillight
  • Endurance™ Professional Grade
  • Ergonomic grip for easier handling
  • Dust cover prevents corrosion to 4 wire flat
  • 2 foot length
  • 3 Year Warranty From The Date Of Original Purchase
Endurance™ 4 Flat Trailer Side Y-Harness (20')

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