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6 Pk. LED 3/4" Round Clearance/Side Marker with Rubber Grommets and Chrome Flanges, Red

Installation Instructions Installation Instructions

The 6 pack red 3/4" round clearance/side marker with rubber grommet and chrome bezel is designed to conform to applicable US FMVSS108 and Canadian CMVSS safety standards for clearance lighting. Its small shape is compared to the size of a penny, hence the nickname "penny light". The clearance marker is PC rated, meaning that it can be seen 90-Degrees off from its center, helping to make a trailer more visible from all angles. The 12 V marker light contains 1-high-output LED that offers exceptional brightness and performance. The life of a LED light far exceeds traditional incandescent lights and draws significantly less power. The side marker light and can also be used as an ID light (3-required), utility, step well, or cabinet lights. The penny light comes with a rubber grommet and chrome decorative bezel. Easily installs into any 3/4" opening.

  • Kit includes 6 lights with chrome flanges and rubber grommets
  • PC2 rated
  • Thin and flexible for easy application
  • Hard wired design prevents lamp-plug failures and corrosion
  • 8-16 V operating range
6 Pk. LED 3/4

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